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US-D674760-S: Semiconductor device patent, US-D676725-S: Garden trowel patent, US-D692696-S: Composite furniture unit patent, US-D705630-S: Power tool patent, US-D707205-S: In-ear headphones patent, US-D718655-S: Square shaped baby tooth setting in a square shaped metallic bezel on a jewelry article patent, US-D720330-S: Earphone caddy patent, US-D720568-S: Dispenser tower patent, US-D721117-S: Camera lens patent, US-D721697-S: Portable electronic device patent, US-D723807-S: Toothbrush handle patent, US-D724649-S: Eyeglass or components thereof patent, US-D246721-S: Pair of spectacles patent, US-D247138-S: Sport shoe patent, US-D248252-S: Deck of playing cards patent, US-D250857-S: Golf shoe patent, US-D252507-S: Combination pleasure and fishing boat patent, US-D257404-S: Curtain material patent, US-D258862-S: Handle for cooking utensil patent, US-D261388-S: Record turntable patent, US-D263871-S: Medical multiport valve cock patent, US-D277628-S: Interior shelf for a security safe, gun cabinet, vault or the like patent, US-D280680-S: Wheeled suitcase patent, US-D295010-S: Mug or similar article patent, US-D296853-S: Toy chest patent, US-D303246-S: Electrical cable concentrator patent, US-D312058-S: Angel figurine patent, US-D316788-S: Dispenser for folded sheet products patent, US-D317009-S: Ear cushion for telephone receiver or similar article patent, US-D317158-S: Wrist recorder patent, US-D322610-S: Remote controller for television receivers and the like patent, US-D333954-S: Weed cutter patent, US-D334633-S: Mask patent, US-D334707-S: Multiple bag unit patent, US-D338603-S: Valve adjustment tool patent, US-D339070-S: Capped bottle patent, US-D347389-S: Combined bottle and cap patent, US-D348299-S: Amusement trolley patent, US-D356077-S: Monitor television receiver patent, US-D359917-S: Watch having a soccer ball design patent, US-D375462-S: Ribbed rectangular bottle patent, US-D376221-S: Decorative lamp patent, US-D388168-S: Flexible multiple compartment medical container patent, US-D402243-S: Tire tread patent, US-D409886-S: Snow pusher shovel patent, US-D414895-S: Solid block wash chemical designed with regular curved and linear aspect patent, US-D417474-S: Animal toy patent, US-D427265-S: Portion of a snowboard patent, US-D436581-S: Video tape recorder patent, US-D469222-S: Cosmetic container patent, US-D478112-S: Frame for spectacles patent, US-D482029-S: Computer patent, US-D485966-S: Disposable backless bra patent, US-D499066-S: Tire tread patent, US-D525726-S: Rear combination lamp for automobile patent, US-D630218-S: Electronic mouse patent, US-D700179-S: Tablet computer patent, US-D703171-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D725662-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface on mobile device patent, US-D251993-S: Rotatable music toy patent, US-D275715-S: Slipper sock patent, US-D280689-S: Bowl patent, US-D282749-S: Flash exposure device patent, US-D288299-S: Timer patent, US-D292768-S: Food service tray patent, US-D305931-S: Fireplace mantle patent, US-D340222-S: Power converter patent, US-D344315-S: Putter head patent, US-D348032-S: Automobile tire patent, US-D384419-S: Storage shed patent, US-D384702-S: Amusement device featuring lighting patent, US-D400182-S: Motor controller patent, US-D421240-S: Automobile body patent, US-D424378-S: Container patent, US-D426606-S: Combination towel and retractable golf utility device patent, US-D431861-S: Humidifier patent, US-D479876-S: Mouthpiece patent, US-D480795-S: Ceiling fan light kit patent, US-D529046-S: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-D613589-S: Over-the-drawer/cabinet hook patent, US-D671138-S: Display screen with transitional graphical user interface patent, US-D697881-S: Monitor patent, US-D700734-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D707149-S: Bracelet patent, US-D763045-S: Electric juicer patent, US-D776356-S: Helmet including a strap retainer patent, US-D278524-S: Tire patent, US-D288561-S: Cordless handset and stand telephone unit patent, US-D297428-S: Combination telephone set and clock patent, US-D315530-S: Watch dial patent, US-D339039-S: Hand cultivator patent, US-D376739-S: Cutting line for a rotating line trimmer patent, US-D424291-S: Shoe upper patent, US-D457355-S: Table patent, US-D477424-S: Memorial candle holder patent, US-D488187-S: Type font patent, US-D516012-S: Tire tread patent, US-D621810-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D629778-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D650994-S: Wipe substrate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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