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US-3722784-A: Container closure patent, US-2016295898-A1: Stabilization of heated food substrates patent, US-2414311-A: Preparation of polymers of ethylene patent, US-2414357-A: Antiplugging device patent, US-2414463-A: Electrical contact patent, US-2414603-A: Method and machine for winding coils patent, US-2432999-A: Rotary lipstick holder patent, US-2436786-A: Selector switch mounting for telecommunication systems patent, US-2438346-A: Safety device for trailers patent, US-2439224-A: Rectifier patent, US-2441904-A: Hair curler patent, US-2446248-A: Phosphor screen patent, US-2447527-A: Window operable burglar alarm patent, US-2453873-A: Tubocurare purification patent, US-2458347-A: Form tool grinding attachment for grinding machines patent, US-2488720-A: Shoe stretcher patent, US-2493090-A: Composition of matter patent, US-2494035-A: Electric furnace patent, US-2496561-A: Adjustable garment hanger patent, US-2505489-A: Process of making pressure sensitive record material patent, US-2519734-A: Directional coupler patent, US-2535858-A: 2-mercapto-3-amino-3,6-dihydro-pyrimidines patent, US-2565590-A: Lapping machine patent, US-2579923-A: Adjustable guide arm patent, US-2589314-A: Preparation of keto acid compounds patent, US-2593009-A: Condensing lower alcohols to higher alcohols patent, US-2593457-A: Fluid operated power transmitter patent, US-2617050-A: Electromagnetic control means patent, US-2618561-A: Process of producing stable garlic preparations patent, US-2621495-A: Coupling to produce rotary displacement between a driving member and a driven member patent, US-2629026-A: Muting system for signal amplifiers patent, US-2645637-A: Synthesis of adenosine-5'-triphosphate patent, US-2664355-A: Ti-mn-fe alloys patent, US-2665136-A: Adjustable splined arbor patent, US-2665691-A: Surgical apparatus for measuring and regulating vacuum pressures patent, US-2682973-A: Machine for delivering predetermined quantities of screws or other headed rod-like articles patent, US-2689263-A: Preparation of hydroxyalkyl amines patent, US-2691675-A: Process for preparing neomycin a patent, US-2698343-A: Vapor phase process for the production of dimethylcarbamyl chloride from phosgene and trimethyl amine patent, US-2714703-A: Transducer patent, US-2732285-A: Method for determining the deposit- patent, US-2742581-A: Static electric generator patent, US-2748237-A: Welding apparatus patent, US-2751282-A: Apparatus for the production of acetylene patent, US-2759617-A: Container for a baby's bottle patent, US-2776313-A: Process for making n, n-dialkyl-p-aminophenol patent, US-2776454-A: Cotton cleaning machinery patent, US-2778182-A: Foldable drag harrow draw bar patent, US-2786972-A: Commercial power frequency cordless synchronous clock patent, US-2799013-A: Switching circuit patent, US-2801728-A: Article transfer and grouper apparatus patent, US-2802959-A: Dynamoelectric machine patent, US-2807400-A: Mast climbing device patent, US-2809459-A: Fishing line signal device patent, US-2810242-A: Temporary holder for the keyboard cams of a linotype machine or the like patent, US-2823136-A: Preparation of gelatin coatings having a roughened surface patent, US-2828049-A: Liquid feeding apparatus patent, US-2833975-A: Motor system patent, US-2844311-A: Electrical simulator for mechanical lost-motion and the like patent, US-2856065-A: Conveyor flight belt patent, US-2867658-A: Halo substituted sulfanilides patent, US-2872377-A: Dimethylane-reserpine patent, US-2881759-A: Ear protector patent, US-2892285-A: Worm scissors patent, US-2903263-A: Safety-type teeter board patent, US-2903291-A: Fabric sling patent, US-2930735-A: Zirconium therapy in ivy poisoning patent, US-2932792-A: Transistor testing method patent, US-2938922-A: Nu-nitroso-nu-aryl arylenediamines patent, US-2942990-A: Metal plating by chemical reduction with borohydrides patent, US-2946441-A: Sifter patent, US-2950017-A: Snubbing devices patent, US-2956929-A: Tyrosinase concentrate and extractant and method for making same patent, US-2967966-A: Electric discharge device patent, US-2969186-A: Misting control patent, US-2976948-A: Mechanical device for distance discrimination of sounds patent, US-2996544-A: Bis (p-trinitroethylamino) diphenylmethane patent, US-3001539-A: Suction amplifier patent, US-3001563-A: Meat choppers patent, US-3008878-A: Process for the recovery of ur-factor and relaxin patent, US-3055205-A: Chip-per-tooth indicating system patent, US-3073739-A: Fungitoxic compositions containing 9, 10-phenanthrenequinone oximes patent, US-3088855-A: Metallurgical process and steels manufactured by same patent, US-3104209-A: Composition for determination of glucose patent, US-3107308-A: Transistorized magnetic amplifier and amplifier-complementer for digital computer circuits patent, US-3118942-A: alpha-methyl-iodothyronamines patent, US-3119825-A: Methylol leucine diketopiperazines patent, US-3128299-A: Preparation of trimethylborate patent, US-3142759-A: Monorail package irradiation plant patent, US-3146063-A: Process for separating scandium from mixtures containing scandium and thorium values patent, US-3147121-A: Preparation of silage with pediococcus cerevisiae patent, US-3151269-A: Source of ionizing beam patent, US-3152513-A: Firing mechanism with burst control patent, US-3155052-A: Hatch cover for railway cars patent, US-3161280-A: Scraper elevator patent, US-3183807-A: Film speed setting device for cameras patent, US-3193455-A: Bird control and bird management compositions patent, US-3225227-A: Miniature magnetohydrodynamic generator patent, US-3232613-A: Two-piece cue stick patent, US-3239458-A: Recovery of light hydrocarbons from refinery gases patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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