Irrigation system



(57)【要約】 【課題】水道料金を大幅に削減することができ、水資源 の節約により地球環境保全にも貢献する。 【解決手段】植裁域を形成する複数の灌水ブロックA、 B、Cと、各灌水ブロックの底部に形成された通水層お よびその上部に形成された人工軽量土壌層を備え、各灌 水ブロックの通水層ならびに人工軽量土壌層の底部に給 水および排水を行う灌水システムにおいて、所定の灌水 ブロックに給水終了後、その排水を次の灌水ブロックに 順次、給水していく。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an irrigation system capable of remarkably reducing water charges and contributing even to environmental protection by saving water resources. SOLUTION: This irrigation system is capable of successively supplying water of drain after completing water supply to a prescribed irrigation block to the next irrigation block in the irrigation system comprising a plurality of irrigation blocks A, B and C, water flow layers formed at bases of the respective irrigation blocks A, B and C and artificial lightweight soil layers formed in the upper parts of the respective irrigation blocks A, B and C and capable of carrying out water supply and drainage from the bases of the water flow layers and artificial lightweight soil layers of the respective irrigation blocks A, B and C. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO




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