Pll circuit


<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem, wherein in a conventional PLL for use in control of a pulse-width modulation type converter apparatus, phase control cannot adapt quickly to the rapid fluctuations with respect to the frequency of a system power source. <P>SOLUTION: A PLL circuit is provided with a phase comparison circuit for detecting lagging or leading the phase differences; a phase integration circuit which counts up or down at each one cycle in a lagging or leading phase, accumulates the counted values, and converts the accumulated values into an analog voltage; and a voltage-controlled oscillation circuit for controlling an output frequency according with the analog voltage. In this PLL circuit, phase integration circuit is replaced by a phase proportional integration circuit, phase difference is converted into a numerical value by each cycle detected by the phase comparison circuit; and the converted numerical value is set to a positive value for the lagging phase and a negative value for the leading phase, the converted positive numerical value or negative value is multiplied by proportional gain coefficients to obtain a proportional value, a value which is obtained by multiplying the converted value by the integral gain coefficients is accumulated to obtain an integral value, the proportional value is added to the integral value to obtain a proportional integral value, and the proportional integral value is converted into an analog voltage. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】パルス幅変調形インバータ装置の制御に使用する従来のPLL回路では、急激な系統電源の周波数変動に対して位相制御が速やかに対応できない問題があった。 【解決手段】遅れ又は進み位相差を検出する位相比較回路と遅れ又は進み位相のとき1周期ごとにカウントアップ又はダウンし上記カウント値を累積し累積した値をアナログ電圧に変換する位相積分回路とアナログ電圧に応じて出力周波数を制御する電圧制御発振回路とを備えたPLL回路において、位相積分回路を位相比例積分回路に置換え、位相比較回路によって検出する1周期ごとの位相差を数値変換し遅れ位相のとき正、進み位相のとき負とし、正又は負の数値変換値を比例ゲイン係数で乗算して比例値とし上記変換値を積分ゲイン係数で乗算し乗算した値を累積して積分値とし比例値と積分値とを加算して比例積分値とし比例積分値をアナログ電圧に変換することを特徴とするPLL回路である。 【選択図】図1




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