Method for processing functional film and method for manufacturing inkjet recording head using the same



【課題】微細化適正・高生産性・ダメージレス化を両立させる機能膜の加工方法、及びそれを利用したインクジェト記録ヘッドの製造方法を提供することを課題とする。 【解決手段】 例えば、基板(例えば振動板200)上に凸状パターン204を形成し(図1(C)参照)、凸状パターン204上及び凸状パターン204の非形成領域上に機能膜(例えばPZT膜206)を形成した後(図1(D))、凸状パターン204上に形成された機能膜(例えばPZT膜206)を凸状パターン204が少なくとも露出するまで研磨する(図1(E)参照)。これにより、微細化適正・高生産性・ダメージレス化を両立させつつ、凸状パターン204の非形成領域に沿った機能膜(例えばPZT膜206)の加工を施すことが可能となる。 【選択図】 図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for processing a functional film which can simultaneously realize a suitability for miniaturization, a high productivity, and damageless feature, and also a method for manufacturing an inkjet recording head using the film processing method. <P>SOLUTION: As an example, a projected pattern 204 is formed on a substrate (such as a vibration plate 200) (refer to (C) in the drawing), a functional film (such as a PZT film 206) is formed on the projected pattern 204 and on a region of no formation of the projected pattern 204 (refer to (D) in the drawing), and thereafter the function film (such as the PZT film 206) formed on the projected pattern 204 is polished until the pattern 204 is at least exposed (refer to (E) in the drawing). Consequently, a suitability for miniaturization, a high productivity, and a damageless feature can be simultanesouly realized; and the functional film (such as the PZT film 206) can be processed along the region of no formation of the projected pattern 204. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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