Solid-state image pickup device, lens barrel and imaging device



【課題】撮像素子の撮像面の位置決め作業の容易化を図り製造コストを削減する上で有利な固体撮像装置、レンズ鏡筒および撮像装置を提供する。 【解決手段】固体撮像装置60は、パッケージ62と、収容凹部64と、撮像素子66と、撮像面67と、カバーガラス68とを含んで構成されている。撮像素子66の撮像面67は、撮像素子66が底部6404に取着された状態で開口6402に臨んでいる。カバーガラス68は、均一な厚さの矩形板状を呈し厚さ方向の両端に上面6802と下面6804を有し、パッケージ62の上面6202に接着剤で取着され開口6402を閉塞し、撮像素子66を封止している。カバーガラス68の上面6802は、撮像面67と平行し、また、カバーガラス68の輪郭をなす4辺は撮像面67の輪郭をなす4辺と互いに平行している。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a solid-state image pickup device that facilitates positioning work of an imaging surface of an imaging element and is advantageous to a reduction in a manufacturing cost, a lens barrel and an imaging device. SOLUTION: The solid-state image pickup device 60 includes a package 62, a housing recessed part 64, the imaging element 66, the imaging surface 67 and cover glass 68. On the imaging surface 67 of the imaging element 66, the imaging element 66 faces an opening 6402 while attached to the bottom part 6404. The cover glass 68 has a rectangular board shape in uniform thickness, has a top surface 6802 and a bottom surface 6804 at both edges in a thickness direction and is attached to the top surface 6202 of the package 62 with an adhesive to close the opening 6402, sealing the imaging element 66. The top surface 6802 of the cover glass 68 is parallel to the imaging surface 67, and four sides forming the contour of the cover glass 68 are respectively parallel to four sides forming the contour of the imaging surface 67. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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