One-way clutch



【課題】隣接するローラの配設間隔(配設ピッチ)を小さくすることが容易であり、ローラの数を増加させてトルク容量を高めたり、あるいは小型化することができる一方向クラッチを提供する。 【解決手段】内輪体11と外輪体21との対向周面の間に形成される複数のくさび空間には、これと同数のローラ40と、これら各ローラ40をくさび空間の狭い側へ個別に付勢するコイルばね45とが保持器31によって保持された状態でそれぞれ配設される。コイルばね45は、ローラ40の軸線方向に長く巻回されかつその長径寸法がローラの長さ寸法よりも大きく形成される。保持器31は、ローラ40の両端面に接近する間隔を保って内輪体11の外周面又は外輪体21の内周面に固定される一対の端板32を有する。一対の端板32には、コイルばね45の長径方向両側部が挿通される開口部34が形成される。 【選択図】図3
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a one-way clutch which can easily shortens the arranging interval (arranging pitch) between neighboring rollers, and is improved in torque capacity by increasing the number of rollers or is reduced in size. <P>SOLUTION: A plurality of wedgelike shape spaces are formed between the opposed circumferential surfaces of an inner race body 11 and an outer race body 21. Rollers 40 of the same number as the plurality of the wedgelike spaces, and coil springs 45 for individually energizing the respective rollers 40 in the direction toward their narrow sides are arranged respectively in a plurality of the wedgelike spaces in the state where the rollers 40 and the coil springs are retained by a retainer 31. The coil springs 45 are wound so that the coil springs 45 are long in the axial direction of the rollers 40, and that the length of its major axis is longer than the length of the rollers. The retainer 31 has a pair of end plates 32 to be fixed to the outer circumferential surface of the inner race body 11 or the inner circumferential surface of the outer race body 21 so as to keep small clearances from both end surfaces of the rollers 40. A pair of end plates 32 have opening portions 34 formed such that both side portions of the coil springs 45 in the direction of its major axis are inserted thereinto. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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