【課題】大当り遊技状態における出球数に変化をつけ、遊技興趣の低下を防止する遊技機を提供する。 【解決手段】メインCPU66は、決定した開放パターンに基づいて第1アタッカ40a、又は第2アタッカ40bを開放制御し、これらのアタッカの少なくとも1つには、遊技球が通過し易い第2の状態になったときに遊技球が通過可能な通過ゲート54が設けられ、メインCPU66は、第1アタッカ40a、又は第2アタッカ40bを開放制御したラウンド回数が特定ラウンド回数であると判定した場合に、通過ゲート54を遊技球が通過したことを条件として、普通可変入賞装置24の可動部材48を可動させるか否かの抽選を行い、この抽選結果に応じて、大当り遊技状態中に普通可変入賞装置24の可動部材48を可動制御する。 【選択図】図3
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a game machine capable of preventing impairment of amusement of the play by varying the number of put-out balls in a jackpot game state. <P>SOLUTION: A main CPU 66 controls the opening of a first attacker 40a or a second attacker 40b based on a determined opening pattern, and at least one of the attackers has a passage gate 54 through which a game ball can pass in a second state in which the game ball can easily pass through the gate. The main CPU 66 executes a lottery to determine whether a movable member 48 of a normal variable winning device 24 should be moved or not on condition that a game ball passes through the passage gate 54 if it determines that the number of rounds in which the first or second attacker 40a or 40b is opened is a specific number, and movably controls the movable member 48 of the normal variable winning device 24 during the jackpot game state according to the result of the lottery. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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