Earhole-shaped hearing aid



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an earhole-shaped hearing aid which is easily assembled with a shell of an earphone and in which howling hardly occurs. SOLUTION: The present invention relates to an earhole-shaped hearing aid in which an earphone 5 is disposed inside a shell 2 formed from three-dimensional data of the external auditory meatus and shape data of packaged components. The aid comprises: an adapter 24 for fixing the earphone 5 at a desired position by communicating a sound port 5b of the earphone 5 to a sound port 6 of the shell 2; and an adapter supporting part 23, formed on inner walls of the shell 2, for supporting the adapter 24. When the earphone 5 is mounted onto the shell 2 through the adapter 24, the earphone 5 is not brought into contact with the inner walls 2a of the shell 2. The adapter 24 comprises: an earphone holder 24b holding the earphone 5; a tube 24a inserted into the adapter supporting part 23; and a projecting portion 24c connecting the tube 24a and the earphone holder 24b and being fitted into a recessed portion 30 of the adapter supporting part 23. COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 イヤホンのシェルへの組み付けが容易でハウリングが起き難い耳あな型補聴器を提供する。 【解決手段】 外耳道の3次元データと実装部品の形状データから形成したシェル2の内側にイヤホン5を配置する耳あな型補聴器であって、シェル2の音口6にイヤホン5の音口5bを連通させてイヤホン5を所望の位置に固定するアダプタ24と、このアダプタ24を支持するシェル2内壁に形成したアダプタ支持部23を備え、イヤホン5がアダプタ24を介してシェル2に取り付けられたとき、イヤホン5はシェル2内壁2aに接しない。アダプタ24は、イヤホン5を保持するイヤホンホルダ24bと、アダプタ支持部23に嵌挿するチューブ24aと、このチューブ24aとイヤホンホルダ24bを接続すると共にアダプタ支持部23の凹部30に嵌合する凸部24cからなる。 【選択図】 図4




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